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Stopping climate change

Climate change is the greatest and most important challenge that humanity has ever faced, and people around the world are working to develop innovative ways to save the planet. However, there is not nearly enough funding behind these efforts, which is one of the main problems that we are hoping to solve. We are entirely rethinking the mechanics of carbon markets with the addition of pre-financing options and this will all be made possible by blockchain and web3 technologies.

We need to rethink the
carbon economy

Hard to finance
new carbon projects
It takes years to certify credits and get revenue, which creates uncertainty about future prices and makes it a risky investment.
Carbon credits are
not a commodity
The current market lacks of price and volume transparency. No future price signals.
Driven by
external incentives
Carbon markets are driven by marketing, regulations, taxonomy and ESG. Under-regulated buyer side incentivises the purchase of cheap low-quality credits.

Solid World was founded by eAgronom

eAgronom is an Estonian-based company with a strong farmer network that aims to bring powerful digital tools to an ever-growing number of farmers all around the world.

Over the years, eAgronom has built a solid foundation that will secure the first supply of high-quality credits, talent, funding and carbon sales cooperation.

visit eagronom.com
eAgronom already has



1m ha

of farm land


committed farmers in
the carbon program

Solid World DAO

DAO will own it's liquidity and use pre-certified high quality carbon credits as reserve assets

DAO purchases high-quality future carbon credits
DAO will provide liquidity to future carbon credits commodity layer
Liquid commodity layer bootstraps new carbon projects

Solid World Marketplace

Enabling us to pre-finance
carbon projects

Illustrative example of how credits and socio-economic benefits will be sold on our marketplace

Turn high-quality carbon projects into NFTs (ERC-721 tokens)

Every carbon project is unique, so every NFT will represent one carbon project. The NFT will hold all of the important information about the project, such as baseline, additionality, MRV date, co-benefits and references to scientific literature. Live data will provide full transparency for all of the carbon programs. The socio economic benefits of each project can also be brokered with NFT sales.

We combine farming, carbon projects, web3 and the power of open communities too quickly create real and tangible change.

Turn carbon credits into a commodity by separating the co-benefits

The atmosphere doesn't care about sustainable development goals, but humans do. It makes sense to separate these concerns and find ways to support both, so the buyer can support a project's co-benefits through purchasing the NFTs or they can compensate for their own emissions by directly purchasing credits themselves.


Our team consists of environmentalists, developers, entrepreneurs, environmental experts, marketers and salespeople who care about the nature.
Stenver Jerkku
CTO/CBO at eAgronom
Tech Lead at Glia (post B-round)
VP of Estonian Founders Society
Kristjan Luha
CCO of eAgronom
Global VP of Football Marketplace at Nike inc.
VP/GM Nike Russia and Greece
Teele Tuuling
Growth Lead
12 years in sales leadership and coaching (Southwestern advantage, eAgronom)
Jeff Prestes
Head of Blockchain in Agrotoken.io
Blockchain Architect at Mercado Bitcoin
(largest crypto exchange in LATAM)
Product & Policy
Toucan Contributor
5 years of professional experience as AI researcher/Data scientist/PM in successful high-growth companies
Malcolm Sedgwick
Chief Environmental Officer
Carbon lead at eAgronom
20 years in environmental consulting
(Umwelt, Hyder Consulting)
12 years focused on carbon management,
GHG accounting, carbon offset plans &


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